Set up communication channels such as
KakaoTalk, Telegram, and Blog using
some 60,000 or more experiences operating
large communities in Korea.
Multiple partnerships with blockchain companies
general enterprises, and exchanges.

Meetup Forums
Business Support

Everything from planning a large media forum
six seminars on the blockchain.
17 big events in Korea and everything from
planning to organizing a successful event.
The state-of-the-art quality protocol such as
airport pick-up, hotel reservation efficient
schedule management, interpretation and

Broadcast News Media
On/Offline Marketing

Improve business quality by connecting various
news media, broadcast media and interviews.
Efficient big portal, viral marketing, and SNS
marketing for about 30 channels using big data
and keywords.
Increased brand value by exposing about 40
offline channels including electronic boards
buses, taxis, subways and banner ads
in metropolitan areas.